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What is indigitall?

indigitall is a solution to manage your push notifications easily. We provide tools to segment your devices and impact them better with rich content and improve the opening rate of your app or website.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications provide a simple and effective way to interact with your users, allowing them to communicate relevant information to them. Currently, it is the most relevant and direct communication channel with your users, because ... who does not have the phone on them?

What are App Notifications?

We refer to "App Notifications" when we talk about push notifications intended for mobile applications.

What are Web Push Notifications?

We refer to "Web Notifications" when we talk about push notifications intended for websites.

Why should you use Web Push Notifications – what are the advantages?

While in the app world push notifications are widespread, on the web they are not so widespread. These have great advantages since they do not need the user to have downloaded an app, only to access the web and accept notifications. If they work well, they can produce an opening ratio that is really relevant with respect to other communication channels.

Do we need an application to receive web push notifications?

No, customers can register to receive web push notifications only accessing to your website and accepting notification permission.

Do the customer needs to be in our web page in order to receive web push notifications?

No, but in some browsers as Firefox (only in desktop) the customer need have open this browser to receive web push notifications.

What platforms are supported?

We support a large number of platforms. For "App Notifications" we support Android and iOS, and in "Web Notification" Safari and all browsers that are supported "standard Notification API" as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Samsung Browser and now Edge.

Works Webpush for Internet Explorer?

No, Internet Explorer is not supported because "Web Notifications" are not developed by Microsoft in this browser.

Works Webpush for Safari in iOS?

No, Safari in iOS is not supported because "Web Notifications" are not supported in iOS.

What versions are supported by indigitall SDK?

The minimum version supported is Android 4.1 (SDK 16) and iOS 8.4. In iOS you will not receive photos in versions below iOS 10.

Is mandatory launch Safari and the other browsers at the sane time?

No, you can launch Chrome/Edge/Firefox browser for example and in other moment launch Safari browser. If you has problems for generate Safari Website certificate is a recommended option.

It is mandatory to define the topics before launch to production?

No, our service is designed to be modular. You can start using indigitall only with basic integration and then develop more complex cases.

I need do something to ask permission in Safari?

indigitall Webpush SDK manage Safari permission automatically. You only need activate Safari in app configuration and add your Website Certificate (see #PlatformManual/Configuration/Projects).

indigitall SDK not launch notification permissions in mobile browser, what I can do it?

You can check if your browser are in our supported platforms and if your browser version are in our supported versions. Finally, you can check if you have already denied the permissions for your page.

How can I disable a device?

indigitall SDK have methods to enable and disable your device. You can use them whenever you want.

Can we try the service for free?

Yes, we have a free plan and in the other plans you have 1 free month to try our service. You can see it with more details in our Pricing section.

The image comes small in iOS, is there any way to fix this?

Photo notifications in iOS 10 are shown as a small square down the right on devices prior to iPhone 6. Instead for iPhone 6 and later the image can be seen in large giving the option "See" or with a deep pulse if the device has 3D Touch.

I cannot get Geolocated notifications, how can I fix it?

Check that you have geolocation enabled on the device and the granted permissions. Open the app and look for the logs corresponding to "NEW LOCATION: {coordinates}", in them you can see how the location changes and if it is significant. We mean significant changes in location when the device moves more than 100 m in Android and 500 m in iOS (Apple indicates that this is a significant distance) from the last known position.

Is it mandatory for me to request location permissions to my users?

The location permission is optional. We get location only if you indicate to us in the SDK configuration (you can see how in the Advanced Configuration section). In these cases some functionality related to these permissions are lost, such as Geolocation notifications and Geofencing.

My notifications are not positioned first in iOS, How can I do it?

IOS notifications are managed by the Operating System; therefore, you cannot prioritize them. In this way, the notification that arrives last will be the one that appears above in the list of notifications.

How do I perform tests in development without affecting production users?

The "AppKey" of the development application and the production application usually are different; this is to avoid production users from getting notifications created in development. For this reason the tests carried out in development have no risk. Even so, you can always filter in the indigitall panel by DeviceID by creating and uploading a .csv file containing the identifiers of the devices to which you want the notification to each.

How do I carry out test in production without affecting users?

The production tests are very sensitive; making a mistake here can cause our notification to reach real users. Therefore, we advise you that at the time of doing tests in production, you make Geolocated sends or to be filtered by DeviceID as explained in the previous case.

What is the Welcome message for?

The welcome message is used to send a push notification to a device that has just registered in your application.

Can I send a template message already created from the console using the API?

No, currently we don't have support for templates.

If I schedule a notification, what time offset will it have?

The time offset will be that of the browser with which you are schedule.