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Chat web - with javascript

quick integration guide

Estimated integration time: 10 minutes.

If you use npm click here.

To implement our web chat on your page you need:

Important: If you are a enterprise customer, it is not necessary to create an account.

Importante: channelKey value is unique and personal.

<script src="../indigitall-web-chat.js"
    channelKey: your_channel_key,

    <!--custom data-->

    externalCode: 'your_external_code',
    titleChat: 'your_title_chat',
    botName: 'your_bot_name',
    defaultUsername: 'your_default_user_name',
    primaryColor: 'your_primaryColor',
    backgroundChatColor: 'your_background_chat_color',
    messagePlaceholder: 'your_message_place_holder',
    zIndex: your_z_index,
    openFileText: 'your_text_open_file'})">

The following fields are custom. If they are not added, the Chat will show the default values.

How to upload files to your server or access them?

You can do it through FTP or from your server's control panel (cPanel, directAdmin, etc) among other ways. Below you will find an explanatory video of the process. In less than 10 minutes, you should have it.

You can ask your hosting provider or your trusted programmer for help by sending these instructions.

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