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Home Screen

In home screen you can see a little guide of how to start using indigitall and links to documentation website.

Panel User

Some features of the platform needs a existing project to work. The first step when you start to use the console is to create a new project. (see configuration section)

In left sidebar you will see all available services of the platform. In section Campaigns you could create new campaigns or see the existing ones. In Tools section you could manage system utilities as topics or areas. There is a statistics section in which you can the information about your sendings. In configuration you can manage all the data about your account, manage projects, users and server keys.

In top bar you could see a sections breadcrumb, the current user that is using the console and the chosen projects.


When user avatar is clicked a drop-down menu will appear, you can access your profile settings, account settings or logout into the console. Also you can select the project your are working with.

Menu User