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App Notifications Setup

Send your first app push notification in just 3 steps!

Connect Web

Project Registration

The first step to send App Notifications is to register your website/application as new Project.

Go to the indigitall console and click on the Configuration section.

Now you can create a new Project. Set your Project name and upload a logo. Then, click on the App checkbox.

Get Started App Push

The next configuration steps depend on what kind of application will receive the notifications:

Android Setup

Go to the Android section on the left and set the green switch as enabled. Also, write the Firebase Server Key in the input field below the switch, as shown in the picture. The Allowed Apps Market IDs optional field works as a whitelist that will ensure push notifications won't be sent to applications that are out of the list.

Get Started App Push

In case you don't know how get the Server Key, you can check our guide: How to get Server Key.

Note: Please, make sure to disable iOS in your project if you are not interested in sending notifications to an iOS App.

Once done, click on the Create New Project button. You have just successfully finished the registration of the project!!.

As a final step the App Notification SDK should be integrated following one of the below options. You can find the App Key clicking on the side panel, under Configuration. This key will be required for the SDK integration.

  1. If you have a Native App, check our Android SDK documentation.
  2. If you have a Hybrid App you can use one of this SDKs:

iOS Setup